Rebalance Project

Rebalance is a research project. It was launched initially to prove that holders can earn automatically by getting fees from token transactions.

The project has now gained momentum and now extends to build bridges between blockchains and tokens.

How it works

The rebalance group of dApps allow the users to convert one tokens to another using the bridge contracts.
The concept has now extended to bockchains. The dApps and smart contracts of Rebalance project now uses Chainlink Oracles to validate data across blockchains and provide the needed functionality using the bridges between blockchains.

Current Rebalance Echosystem Tokens

mRBAL / RBAL V2 - Ethereum Main Network ( V2 Live )
VGTG V1 - Polygon / Matic ( V1 Live )
RBAG V2 - Polygon / Matic ( V2 Live - Replacing VGTG)
RBAL V3 - Polygon / Matic ( V3 Live - Replacing mRBAL/RBAL V2)
RBALX - Rebalance X (Extensions) Polygon / Matic ( Coming Soon - Replacing mRBAL/RBAL V2/RBAL V3)

White Paper

It will be released as we progress with design, Idea is already being developed and refined.

Partners and Industry Leaders